SoMES is off for edits

No, I’m not dead. Yet.

It’s been busy at the day job for *checks calendar* four months[!?!], and I’ve been juggling a handful of beta reads while trying to finish revisions ahead of my edit slot on April 16.

Except, on Friday, I double-checked our email chain and realized my overtime-weary-brain misread the date. Edits would be READY by the 16th, but I was due to send the MS on the 8th.

So, while I thought I had 11 days to do some specific bits and pieces, I actually had 3 days. I also was extremely unwell with the flu.

*cue wacky music montage of me sitting in bed, delirious, and staring at a screen for 3 days*

I met Jami on a Facebook group last year and she helped me with my query in May 2018. I got good vibes while we were corresponding on the crux of my MS and how best to present this in query form. Between late-2016 and early-2018, I’d created so many versions of my query. Each came from a different angle in an attempt to focus on the things that are typically found in a query (characters, STAKES, plot, conflict) but none of them were the right angle.

Jami found the right angle.

And it fit so well, clearly and accurately demonstrating the real story at the heart of SoMES.

From this, I created the blurb that lives here on my website. It was such a successful blurb, attracting so many beta readers and full requests from industry professionals, that I knew Jami would be my go-to person for a full edit.

*cue pennies falling into the penny jar between May 2018 and today*

Today is the day and my MS is away!

I’d hoped to add another scene involving my antagonist. (Now, if you’re someone who has beta read SoMES, I can hear your screams of “WHY?!”)

It’s been a huge challenge depicting a real and present threat from an antagonist who is mostly absent or far away. But I have a specific scene I’d like to squeeze in somewhere in the middle, if there’s space. Since I didn’t have time, I’ll see what Jami says about the MS as it is first, and whether it’s necessary.

So time to sit back and wait.

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