In case you haven’t noticed, I can be shockingly bad at keeping a blog updated. I had a personal one years ago that I updated twice a week, but that was more about my life than writing. For this one, I’ve geared it towards writing, but then when I think of something writing-related to blog about, I decide I’d rather just use that time ACTUALLY writing and progressing my projects.

That being said, I’m working on being better. My last post was that I was doing Camp Nano, and so I might as well say that was a success. I achieved my goals and got a lot of *quality* revisions done! Then things kicked into gear with my trip to SD Comic Con (where I attended lots of industry panels, which were amazing), falling unwell after getting back, lots of changes at work, trying to juggle some beta commitments (and dropping a few balls there), then my two-week excavation in Croatia, then some weddings and social commitments that mean here we are on the cusp of November.

I’m planning some specific goals for November as people jump into NaNoWriMo, and may be able to open WoS up for a couple of alpha readers if anyone is keen on sneak peaks at SoMES’ sequel. I hope everyone is doing well, and happy Diwali for those celebrating (my visit to India coincided with the holiday and it is now something I remember each year).

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