2021 Querying and Project SkyWIP

It’s been a long time! There’s not much to update but that I’d taken a break from querying after sending some out in September/October of 2020. It didn’t look like a good climate so, after not making much headway, I decided to wait. I don’t normally focus on timing so much, but I had the benefit of my previous query experience for this one.

So I started a couple of weeks ago, at the start of February, dripping out some queries while I work on my new project! In order to help get some distance from the book so I can be in a better place craft-wise to eventually pen its related stories, I’ve been pursuing a project that reflects a lot of childhood loves but reimagined for an adult audience.

I’m unimaginatively calling it SkyWIP, and it’s my personal tribute to everything that got me through some difficult years as a teenager. I initially started working on the concept in December and started writing in mid-January. Currently, I’m 25k words in and it *MAY* be worth querying by the end! Either way, it’s been a refreshing manuscript to work on, and freeing in a way that the first book can’t be given the latter’s heavily-developed universe, characters, and timeline that spans several books.

So we’ll see what 2021 has to offer! So far, it’s started strong in the query trenches with a few bites, so I’m glad I hit pause when things were looking shaky last year.

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