SoMES (The Saga of Mountain, Earth & Sea)

Dyanna’s home falls to invaders and she spends three years as a twisted conqueror’s captive. Broken in body and soul, she is mute when finally liberated from her dungeon cell. Once clear that her freedom is no fantasy of her tormented mind—and her captor, Grazick, was forced to abandon his conquest—she reveals her identity: the daughter of Corythia’s slain king.

She is offered refuge and new life in mountainous Alkar, Corythia’s neighbor and former ally, and finds friends in its simple yet dysfunctional royal household. The king’s cynical and sarcastic brother, Venerio, is surprisingly mindful, never asking more than she can handle. But as soon as she starts looking to the future, Grazick strikes the mountains. Dyanna’s insight could help her friends defend their ancient homeland. After all, she knows Grazick better than anyone. 

Processing her experience and the mental havoc it wreaks pushes Dyanna to breaking point, but she volunteers as a diplomatic envoy to Alkar’s old enemy—a risky move for her outnumbered friends. While she struggles to regain the confidence Grazick had stripped from her, her connection with Venerio grows uncomfortably strong, subconscious desire colliding with trauma. She may no longer be a captive, but she can’t help wondering if she’ll ever be truly free.

THE SAGA OF MOUNTAIN, EARTH & SEA is an adult fantasy set in a pre-industrial but non-patriarchal (gender-equal) society. It tells a story of recovery, exploring mental health, purpose, and identity. I’m a Latinx native of Washington, DC and my world-building draws on archaeological experience, studies of ancient and Medieval history, and my own cultural heritage.